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ImmunizeAR, with the support of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, has developed a friendly Flu Vaccination/COVID-19 Booster Challenge among all colleges and universities in Arkansas that wish to participate. The purpose of this challenge is to create healthy students and campuses during the flu/COVID season. The winner(s) will be announced in February 2023 and the winning institution will receive bragging rights and a traveling trophy. We have added a new category this year and will award a trophy to the college with the highest percentage of students who receive the new COVID-19 booster. This is the COVID-19 booster with the Omicron variant included. 

2022-2023 College Flu Vaccination/COVID-19 Booster
Challenge Toolkit
toolkit photo.JPG
2022-2023 Campus Flu/COVID Booster Vaccination     Challenge Reporting Rules
Reporting rules.JPG
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