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Healthy People 2020 goal is 80% vaccination rate for boys and girls age 11-13 years old. 

Patient Assistance for Gardasil

Training and Continuing Education

Link to Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic Documentary
HPV Provider Resources

The American Cancer Society has developed this fact sheet so you can get the facts you need to respond to common questions and concerns about HPV vaccination.


The CDC has created this printable handout to train staff on how to address parents’ questions about the HPV Vaccine.

Center for Disease Control now has a webpage that offers web content to providers and others who want to put information on their websites and social media sites.  These tools will automatically update as new information is available.   Makes it easy to maintain up-to-date information for the public.  Go to -

The CDC has a new video series that highlights real clinicians responding to a variety of questions about the HPV vaccine they hear in their practice. #HowIRecommend 

Link to YouTube video for providers abou how their recommention for HPV vaccinaion incrases parental acceptance

Improving Acceptance of the HPV Vaccine through Physician Recommendation

Link to YouTube video on helping providers talk to parnts who decline or refuse HPV vaccination

Talking with Parents who Decline or Refuse HPV Vaccination. 

Link to YouTube video about what does a provder say to parerents who have HPV vaccine safety concerns

Addressing Safety Issues of the HPV Vaccine with Parents

Link to YouTube video on what to tell parents who think their kids don't need HPV vaccine at age 11 or 12

Talking to parents who think their kids are too young for the HPV Vaccine

Articles about HPV

Artcle on The Case for HPV vaccintion in Arkansas

Reprinted from December 2017 Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society

The Case for HPV Vaccination in Arkansas

Article written by Dr. Jennifer Dillaha, Medical Director, Immunizations and Dr. Dirk Haselow, State Epidemiologist and Outbreak Response Medical Director 

Arkansas Department of Health

Article on Oropharyngeal Cancer - Prevention through the HPV vaccine

Arkansas Dentistry, Summer 2017

Oropharyngeal Cancer - Prevention through the HPV Vaccine Article written by Dr. Lindy Bollen, Dental Director, Office of Oral Health and Dr. Jennifer Dillaha, Medical Director, Immunizations, Arkansas Department of Health

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