Arkansas Vaccines For Childen representive by region map

Northwest Region West  

Gina Cox:  gina.cox@arkansas.gov

Northwest Region Central

Erin Conard erin.conard@arkansas.gov


Northeast Region

Marietha McGarity:  marietha.mcgarity@arkansas.gov


Central Region

Alicia Clark:  alicia.clark@arkansas.gov


Southeast Region

Jamie Martin:  jamie.l.martin@arkansas.gov


Southwest Region

Susan Carter: susan.carter@arkansas.gov

VFC State Coordinator

Rachel Odom: rachel.odom@arkansas.gov 



Enrollment Forms

VFC Provider Profile

VFC Provider Agreement-Download to Adobe

VFC Enrollment Packet
Temp Log to Approve a New or Existing Storage Unit

VFC Vaccine Coordinator - Roles and Responsibilities

Arkansas Immunization Registry / WebIZ Information

WebIZ Home Page

WebIZ Registration (Arkansas Department of Health Website)

WebIZ Training Guide

WebIZ HL7 v2.5-a Implementation Guide

WebIZ New User Enrollment Form

WebIZ New Facility Enrollment Form

Storage and Handling

Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit

Checklist for Safe Storage and Handling

Temperature Logs Celsius and Fahrenheit (Excel File)

Vaccine Storage Labels

Do Not Disconnect Sign

You Call The Shots Storage And Handling (2022)

Inventory Management

Vaccine Return Instructions

VFC/SCHIP Order, Available on the WebIZ Home Page

Vaccine Return Form, Available on the WebIZ Home Page

2019 Borrowing Report

Supplies and Vaccine Administration

Suggested Supplies Checklist for Immunization Clinics

Medical Management of Vaccine Reactions

Vaccine Administration Skills Check List

Vaccine Information Sheets (VIS)

By federal law, you must provide current VIS

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) VIS's for all immunizations

Current list of VISs available in 30 languages




Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

VAERS Description

VAERS Website

VAERS Reporting Form





Web Resources

Email Updates from CDC

VFC Reps Contact Information

VFC Provider Guide

You Call The Shots VFC 2022 

New Providers:


Vaccines available through the VFC Program are those recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). These vaccines protect babies, young children, and adolescents from 16 diseases. If you are interested in becoming a VFC Provider, please contact the VFC Program at 501.661.2170 or email rachel.odom@arkansas.gov



Re-enrolling Providers:


Please complete the annual training, the Provider Enrollment Form and the Provider Profile and follow the instructions below:


Download and save the Adobe forms to your desktop


  • Save each using Clinic Name and VFC Pin# for easy identification

  • After saving the forms, complete the information in the forms

  • Save the completed forms for your records

  • Email a copy of the completed forms with your clinic name and VFC Pin# in the email subject line to rachel.odom@arkansas.gov

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Submission of VFC Enrollment Forms must be through the Clinic Tools module in WebIZ. Emailed and faxed forms will not be accepted.